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She protec )


I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reach out to you, Marcie. There's a lot I would like to talk to you about, can you come to the Enodia? I'm staying on the top floor; there are no room numbers, but it's the room with the half moon above the door.

You can come anytime, day or night, I will be here.

[ mood | exhausted ]


I'm sorry I haven't been able to reply to your message, my friend.

I am wary about putting anything in writing, but I will let you know that I performed a great magic that wiped me out entirely. I am still wiped out. A friend is going to help bring us home, and when I am home you can meet us at the Enodia, and I will explain everything in person.

Please don't mention to anyone that I have messaged you until we are home safe.


[ mood | exhausted ]

[Morgan le Fay]

I need your help. I am in a small town in Manitoba, [address] and I have entirely overstretched and drained myself. I have no way home, and I have two dogs with me. Can you help? Discreetly?


Filtered to Marcie [04.10.2021]
Marcie, I am asking for your blessing to take some of Tragos' blood from him. I believe I can use it to help me find Kaden.

I am also asking for some of yours, for its link to Ares. If I can't trace Kaden, then I hope to at least keep tabs on his hunters.

[ mood | busy ]

Cochella valley is a beautiful place to witness the spring )

After finishing up a little work on the edge of the Salton Sea, I've made a digression or three, postponed a flight or three, and slept under the stars for a night or three.

But New York calls again. Qebhet, let's have brunch when I'm back, or tea, or a midnight glass of something stronger. Clio, I've found the most intriguing little local publication about the legends of Frog Woman I think would suit your collection, although on second thoughts, Merlin, I believe you'd be interested in her too. Luna, I have a few ideas about the property I'd like you're opinion on - let's have supper.

I'll be back in a day (or three). Unless someone else calls my name.


Filtered to Marian [02.08.2021]
Welcome home, Marian.

Many of my thoughts have been with you these last months, and will continue in months to come. I would like to help, if you will have it.

I have a tisane that will help with dreams, another that will help navigate through waking nightmares. I have strong charms for protection and security. Both myself and Qebhet are ready to help you heal, you only need to call. Or if all you feel you need is some female company, I, she or we can provide that as well.

I won't intrude, though. For now, I will send a few things to you via Much next time he works at Diogenes.

[Here] are the addresses of the Enodia hotels through the country. I have rooms there that will hide you from almost anyone on this earth. If you ever had need of one, no questions asked, walk up to the counter and tell them Saffron sent you.

Persephone and Hades, open to Athena [01.17.2021]
My Lady, my Lord, thank you for you recent hospitality during my latest stay in your realm. I have a favour to ask - have you seen Apollo pass through? He died in the last days of December and he hasn't returned, and it's a matter of mortal life and death that I speak to him.

Luna [01.16.2021]
[ mood | angry ]

Luna, my dear, Hermes has told me you were attacked on Staten Island. I am so sorry that anyone touched you. You were doing a job for me and you should have been safe.

How are you feeling?


Narrative )


I find myself in need of your magnificent library, once again. How's your cataloging? I'm looking for deathbed curses. Anything you've got.


I have a potion that may help you sleep, another that may help with the pain, a third that may help you find a little more strength inside yourself. They may not hold back the tide, but may make said tide a gentler one. I can bring them to you, if you would like to try them.

[Artemis and Clio]

I have a map you can use to start your search for Marian and the Sheriff. It covers a lot of ground over eleven states, but on the other hand, it negates more ground than it covers.

[Attached is the map with the solid line of red wax cutting diagonally across the states, from New York to California, bearing gently South.]


Thank you for your insights into Marcella. I paid her a visit, and my reading that she needs protection stands. Perhaps if you have seen her you know it, too. I am trying to help, but I don't know that I can change the course of this tragedy.

Speaking of which, I paid Melpomene a visit, too. There's another niece or nephew of yours you might want to keep an eye on in years to come.


Would you be interested in a renovation project? I am looking into buying this property in Staten Island I want to turn it into something between a shelter, a home, a fortress, a sanctuary. I've seen the way you organise a party, it can't be a stretch to organise builders, and I have a feeling the work will appeal to you.


Things these days past are hectic and wild, and promise to be this way for some time to come. But in spite of this, I'd like to have tea with you, perhaps bounce a few ideas of you? Your sense and your kindness is grounding in a way that my own pantheon is not.

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